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23 Softwares and own Blockchain System



Software 1   Exchange plattform crypto/fiat

Exchange platform with the following features:

1. Registration

2. KYC / AML

3. Trading of cryptocurrencies and FIAT with market or limit order price

4. Deposit cryptocurrencies and FIAT

5. Pay-out and deposit function of cryptocurrencies and FIAT

Special security measures such as TAN inquiry by email, google authenticator and IP control make the system very secure.


Software 2   IVS-Document System

This software allows you to create folders and upload documents, you can release them according to authorization classes and assign them to the corresponding languages. In addition, each partner can create their own folders and upload documents that only he will be able to see and his important documents will be centrally managed and are available via the Internet worldwide.


Software 3   IVS-News System

By using this software with all its user-friendly selection options, it will be easy sending out information, to your partners. You control who reads the message, etc. The messages can be filed accordingly and in a downline procedure, each partner can write to his downline.


Software 4   IVS-Mail System

The mail system has the same possibilities as the news system, except that it can send the mail to the email recipients and not to the internal address of the partner.


Software 5   IVS-Event Planner

This software makes your life easier, when you have to plan meetings or events. The tool has an automated response feedback system for all participants and various administration and customer functions that are very user-friendly.


Software 6   IVS -Download Nav. + Agent System

With this software, the agent- or company structure can be mapped and it is possible to select from the relevant data, send it to a selected group or to everyone. This is up to your needs.


Software 7   IVS-Akquise System

This software can be used to promote new potential customers or partners.


Software 8   IVS-Report System

With this software, you can generate a report of all required data, which is necessary for the management of the company.


Software 9   Agent-Tax / Invoice Tool

With this software, you can create all the necessary bills for your employees or agent partners.


Software 10  Desk

The desk is the central system for all web applications and interface to all other software components and has a fully customizable web design for internal or external application based on the latest technology and tested on mainframes for large quantities of customers and products. With this software we create individually for all customers their applications according to your needs, based on a mainframe system with availability on all units from smartphone, tablet to PC.


Software 11 Blockchain (central for shop & MLM)

This is a complete centralised blockchain system based on the standard algorithm of a blockchain with integrated KYC/AML data. This is therefore much faster than the decentralized systems.


Software 12  Backoffice

The backoffice provides you with all the detailed and desired data of the blockchain for inspection. This allows the user to easily perform transactions (payments via blockchain) and to view all performed operations (such as payments and produced splits or purchase of tokens/coins and their bonus) in a simple and clear way.


Software 13  Blockexplorer

The block explorer is connected to the blockchain and provides all relevant data of it, which is visible to all, in a separate tool.


Software 14  Blockchain (decentral)

This is a complete blockchain system based on the standard algorithm of multichain but with integrated KYC / AML data based on a decentralized system. The system can run as a Proof of Work or Proof of Stake and has no restrictions on tokens/coins. The system can be operated with or without KYC.


Software 15  AlpCoin Payment API

The API serves, to offer AlpCoin or other tokens or coins realized by us, as a payment system to other software companies as a payment method. For example, Payment method for an e-commerce shop or an Exchange platform ...


Software 16  AlpCoin Mobil App (coming soon)

The mobile app will include your e-wallet account and a cryptocurrency payment feature with a direct integrated online interface to other devices in stores.


Software 17  Mobil Payment App (coming soon)

The mobile app includes a payment function with debit card, internal account and a cryptocurrency with a direct integrated online interface to other devices in shops.


Software 18  Master- Verification Node System

This is a software extension based on the multichain solution (Software 14) to give the decentralized system the possibility of a "mining" in the form of a master node and a verification node, in order to obtain in the future, for the transaction confirmation and production of coins, a bonus in the form of coins and allow transaction control through the nodes.


Software 19  E-Commerce Shop Solution

The e-commerce shop is a unique solution for private and commercial product providers. The shop can accept up to 4 partial payments for 1 product and can as well handle crypto payments. All VAT rates and guidelines that are used worldwide are running, products can be specifically customized and can be managed by the product supplier independently. The selection options on product level, delivery conditions, payment options, discounts, own invoice form & delivery note, etc. are huge, as well as the entire statistics tool.


Software 20  Produkt Partner Solution System

This system allows a product partner to run his shop completely by himself with the option to still be part of our E-Commerce Shop. It allows him to use this software for product sales locally in his shop and have a central accounting and warehousing for his entire company both in retail as in online business.


Software 21  Landingpage Builder

With the landing page builder, each of our partners can individually design and use their landing page. It is multilingual applicable, can be used as a reference link system and is connected to the central desk system, but can as well be used individually for themselves.


Software 22  Debit / Credit Card Solution Tool

This software acts as link between the debit card and the backoffice software to have an overview and control of all the charges, balances and billings.


Software 23  Bank Blockchain for Bank & Insurance

This revolutionary bank software is under construction and will have a blockchain based solution that includes all the activities of a traditional bank, insurance, cryptocurrency trading as well as cryptocurrency storage (cold and hot). (

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